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2 weeks ago

The office of the future is outdoors

Landlords and designers are adding more outdoor space to office buildings, so employees can actually work outside.

3 weeks ago

Home Prices Soar in Frenzied U.S. Market Drained of Supply

Last year’s pandemic housing rush is now this year’s end-of-lockdown feeding frenzy.

4 weeks ago

How NFTs, DeFi and Web 3.0 are intertwined

Asset classes resulting from DeFi protocols, and NFTs supported by the Web 3.0 set of technologies, are the manifestation of the new digital era.

1 month ago

Coinbase’s Whipsaw Debut Takes It Past $100 Billion, Then Back

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Global Inc. soared above a $112 billion valuation in its trading debut Wednesday, then slipped back below its opening price as Bitcoin fell from record highs and tech ... See more

1 month ago

German firm develops eye-scanning app that can test for COVID-19

Semic RF, a firm based in Munich, Germany, is hoping to roll out a mobile app that can test for COVID by evaluating scans of the user's eyes.Watch CGTN LIVE ...

1 month ago

Connected Cannabis Co. raises $30 million to bring its designer weed strains to more states。

Connected Cannabis Co. was founded in 2009 and has since grown to become a leading cultivator of ... See more

Connected Cannabis Co. was founded in 2009 and has since grown to become a leading cultivator of designer cannabis strains. Today, the company announced $30 million in debt and equity financing. This ... See more

1 month ago

So you want to raise a Series A?

Bucky Moore, a partner at Kleiner Perkins, gives founders tactical advice on the process of raising a Series A round.

1 month ago

Building the right team for a billion-dollar startup

Bain Capital Ventures managing director Sarah Smith talks about how to ensure the critical early hires are the right ones to grow a business.

1 month ago

Elon Musk just shared a video of a monkey controlling Pong with his brain

This is the first time that Musk has shown off brain-chip company Neuralink’s work.

1 month ago

COVID-19 survivors may have higher risk of anxiety, depression, and neurological disorders.

Scientists are still uncertain if COVID-19 has a biological connection to these later illnesses.

2 months ago

Behind the corporate bond market $10.5 trillion in debt "Bubble"

U.S. companies now face the highest levels of debt on record — more than $10.5 trillion, according to the Federal Reserve and the Securities Industry and Fin...

2 months ago

How African startups raised investments in 2020

The venture capital scene in Africa has consistently grown, with an influx of capital from local and international investors reaching unprecedented heights in recent years. To understand how much ... See more

2 months ago

The World’s Most Innovative Companies 2021

Fast Company’s 2021 World’s Most Innovative Companies.

2 months ago

VC meets the land of opportunity

The wave of venture capital interest in geographies other than Silicon Valley has been building momentum over the past 5+ years. If you measure capital flow by ... See more

The broadened geographic focus of VCs for marketing purposes and FOMO is not adequately capturing the real narrative.

2 months ago

App spending to reach $270B by 2025, new forecast predicts

A new market forecast predicts app spending will reach $270 billion by the year 2025, including paid downloads, in-app purchases and subscriptions. According to data from Sensor Tower, in-app ... See more

3 months ago

Lawmakers Take Aim at Insidious Digital ‘Dark Patterns’

A new California law prohibits efforts to trick consumers into handing over data or money. A bill in Washington state copies the language.

A new California law prohibits efforts to trick consumers into handing over data or money. A bill in Washington state copies the language.

3 months ago

Bitcoin Investors May Lose Everything, Central Banker Warns

Bitcoin investors need to be prepared to “lose all their money,” European Central Bank governing council member Gabriel Makhlouf said, the latest warning from a central banker on the ... See more

3 months ago

The World’s First Robot Chef Is Finally Here, and It Even Cleans Up After Itself

The Moley Robotic Kitchen will come pre-programmed with over 5,000 recipes.

4 months ago

Holographic startup Envisics partners with Panasonic to fast-track in-car AR tech

Envisics founder and CEO Dr. Jamieson Christmas launched the startup three years ago to “revolutionize” the in-car experience with its holographic technology. Now, it has a partner that could ... See more

4 months ago

The 100 greatest innovations of 2020

2020’s year’s top innovations include next-gen gaming consoles, a rapid COVID test, comfy jeans tailored by a computer, and a contact tracing initiative that united two tech giants.

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