Company (商号)

Zusho Venture Partners, L.L.C.

Founded (設立)


Main Bank (取引銀行)

JPMorgan Chase Bank
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ

Business (事業内容)

Investment & Consulting


Introduction of new ideas

With the rapid changes in our environment due to the internet and globalization, we are seeing a great transformation of the “standard” which has overturned the foundation. Looking at things from a new viewpoint and doing something new or something different through our thoughts or actions will have its own meaning and value. ZVP will always search for, embrace and cultivate innovations and make contributions to create a new “standard”.

インターネットやグローバル化などによって急速に環境が変化する中、これまで「常識」と思われていた事が、根底から覆える大きな変化が 起こっています。新しい視点から物事を捉え、新しいことを考える、人と違うことをすることは、それだけで意味があり価値があります。ZVPは、常にイノベーションを求め、愛し、育て、新しい「常識」を創り上げることに貢献していきます。


Allocate capital for future benefit

Evaluating the true value of a business is not only based on the size of the business or its stock value but also its innovation, future potential and most importantly, its people. ZVP’s role is to maximize resources including people’s knowledge, experience, time and energy to create opportunities which turn a risk into a benefit. The origin of the word “risk”, in Italian “rischiare” means “try with courage” and when our partner or client commits to a venture, ZVP will be a dedicated partner.



Think and act by one’s own will

Starting up a new business is similar to becoming a parent. Moreover, operating a business is similar to raising a child. As the Chinese proverb says, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”, ZVP helps our clients with not only their short term needs but we also guide them to independently empower their organization through sharing internal knowledge and wisdom.